Monday, 29 July 2013

Pitching creative ideas

I'm not just going to round up examples of my favourite copywriting anymore. I'm feeling pretty cheeky, so I'm going to use other people's lines as a starter for my own pitches each month.

The power of three: a reboot 

(Spotted on a poster to promote a new gin joint.)

"I love gin", I said to myself. "What else do I love as much as gin?"

Christopher Kane

Now heading for the status of powerhouse mega brand, everyone's favourite I-just-like-to-stick-the-kettle-on-and-watch-Eastenders fashion designer is yet to develop a campaign. If anyone should do something seriously pastiche and bring copy back to luxury brands advertising, it's Christopher Kane.

Kane is love!

Detail is understanding...

Kitsch is truth?

Not enough, lyrical understanding

I don't remember what my ears did before Solange Knowles. When I dig my heels in, I dig deep: she is the best. And her writing is as good - if not better - than the way she wears J.Crew, which is something pretty special. I asked a friend who collages to make my favourite Solange lyric into a graphic that I could then use to think with. I quickly realised that not only do I really buzz off mountain metaphors, but that this had to be the be the lyric that spawned the next Kalms ad. AD TO BE!

Ad headline ideas:

Push your mountain off a cliff.

Boulders? Go past like walls of cotton wool.

*Soaring over something light and squidgy*

Cashing in? As you can see, that isn't the case

I would like to take this opportunity to contribute both to the pool of shameless marketing surrounding Kate Middleton's womb (congrats, it's a prince, mazel tov) and the ranty, Ofcom-worthy articles that have poured scorn on the insistence of advertisers to continue acting as such.

I also made an ill-advised bet that I refuse to call quits on so quickly.

Proposed client: 

Reed, UK job site.

Proposed headline, had it of run this week:

You’re going to need a better plan.